The SLAM Engine™ marks the initial stage of the SLAM revolution. It is an innovative technology designed to facilitate and speed up the setup process of an Indoor Navigation system, or more precisely, the creation of a radio map of a building. For example, a building of 10,000 sqm can be easily mapped in one single working day by one person. Using the Engine, running on special smart algorithms, efficiency can be increased tremendously and best accuracy results be achieved.

Creating radio maps of a building is one of the most time consuming and skill intensive tasks involved in the setup process of an Indoor Navigation framework. If you have not done this before or are working on a very tight deadline, you may also feel uneasy to do the setup on your own. Therefore, developed an innovative technology to facilitate and increase efficiency of the whole mapping process.

Reasons for using the SLAM Engine™:

  1. Reduces costs
  2. Minimizes required time effort
  3. Low level of expertise needed
  4. High level of accuracy

The SLAM Engine reduces a great part of your manual work on site. In order to take measurements of your building, you just walk around the building as usual and then record ground truths at every turning point. Make sure to walk at a regular pace to get the best results. The smart algorithm will take care of the rest and create an accurate radio map.

To get more detailed step by step descriptions, please read through our SLAM Engine Blogpost and take a look at the Quick Guide video we prepared.

slam engine
The map on the left was created using Fingerprinting recordings. The one on the right uses SLAM recordings. From the colour codes (red=bad accuracy, blue=good accuracy), you can see that the SLAM map is a lot more accurate than the other one.

Need more info? Download our SLAM Onepager