Making Indoor Navigation rollouts worldwide possible. What this means is that the easy map creation as achieved with SLAM Engine™ is now automated and added to the already amazing SLAM Crowd Engine’s™ self healing algorithm. Now worldwide Indoor Navigation setups can be done without the need to actually be on site at the respective building! Thus, implementing Indoor Navigation is now as easy as ever for every building on the planet.

If you want to go global with your solution, SLAM Crowd Learning™ is the perfect way to do it. It literally enables Indoor Navigation setups over night without the need for you to be on site at the respective building. Besides the obvious fact that this creates the most convenient conditions, it also saves you a lot of trouble, time and money. The more people that walk through the venue, the more accurate the map will become.

Imagine how easy it will be to install Indoor Navigation at enormous trade shows by harnessing the power of the crowd!

Reasons for using SLAM Crowd Learning™:

  1. Completely automated setup of your Indoor Navigation system
  2. Fastest and most cost efficient solution
  3. Worldwide installations over night
  4. The most up to date maps possible

Though the SLAM Revolution has already started, the final phase, SLAM Crowd Learning™, is planned for 2017. Follow the revolution on our blog.

SLAM Crowd Engine graphic

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