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Nick Stein, 
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Tech Crunh Disrupt is where the hottest startups in Tech get to show off their hard work. And where better to take part than in the home of Disruptive Tech, San Francisco.

A little background: Headline grabbing launches are commonplace, as are headliner keynotes. Last year Andre Iguodala from the Golden State Warriors talked about how tech, most notably wearable have been changing training tactics for athletes. He gave examples of monitoring his sleeping patterns etc.

Just freshly announced is that the CEO of MegaBots will be there just to give a bit of a MadMax feel to the event. showing off SLAM

We will be showing off our leading Indoor Navigation Tech, SLAM. As you may have read in previous blogs, this is about making Indoor Navigation a highly scalable technology with worldwide roll outs possible from behind your desk.

This is a unique and exciting technology that is set to make Indoor Navigation available to every building no matter what the size. This is achievable as installation and maintenance times will be reduced to such a low level that what was previously a barrier will be practically gone. This will lead to even higher ROI. SLAM 3 tiers

Why Tech Crunch Disrupt?

This is the kick off event for the SLAM Roadshow. Of course there could be no better place to launch our own industry disrupting tech.

On top of that, we always look to be at the top events throughout the world and this certainly is one of them. There are always great opportunities for partnerships, new projects and great brainstorming with others in the industry.

As stated earlier, our main focus at this event is to show off how SLAM is already changing the industry and will continue to do so as each new phase is released.

See you at Pier 48

Please contact us to fix a time to talk as this will be a very hectic event.

We can give you more information about SLAM or any Indoor Navigation projects or Asset Tracking, etc.


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