SLAM Roadshow

Silvia Pichler, 

Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

“Once upon a time in the west… set off to SLAM the world”. That’s the stuff good stories are made of, right? Right. So, we have great plans for this autumn and are working madly towards them. Now, we’ll let you in on them: will be on tour in Europe and the US to spread the word abut our latest and greatest technology innovation, SLAM. We’ll attend the most important events of the Indoor Positioning industry and give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the technology. So make sure not to miss them! Here is an overview of all events and dates:

Stop 1: TechCrunch Disrupt

The TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco will mark the starting point of our SLAM roadshow. It is THE meeting point for game changing technology startups in Silicon Valley, so it’s a given we’re going to be there too. The event involves a fierce startup battlefield competition, a startup alley, a hardware alley and a 24 hour-hackathon. We will be on site on Wednesday, so drop by and say hi!

When & Where: September 12-14 2016 in San Francisco, US


techcrunch disrupt


Stop 2: ION GNSS+ Conference

ION GNSS+ is the place where global positioning and navigation professionals gather in a dynamic environment. Startups present their research and innovative technologies to the industry leaders and are looking to establish cooperations with the major players. The Global Navigation Satellite Systems technology conference is accompanied by a panel discussion, product demonstrations and a vivid exchange of ideas. We’re going to mingle with the crowd, so let’s meet up and have a chat! Get in touch with us via [email protected].

When & Where: September 12-16 in Portland, Oregon, US




Stop 3: IPIN Conference

We continue on to the annually held IPIN Conference, this time in sunny Madrid. It brings together researchers, developers and service providers in Positioning and Indoor Navigation from around the world. Two of our busy researchers will be there, presenting our SLAM technology to the audience. Meet up with them afterwards and have a little chat!

When & Where: October 4-7 in Madrid, Spain


ipin 2016


Stop 4: IoT Tech Expo North America

The IoT Tech Expo is designed to introduce the latest technology innovations from the Internet of Things space through 100+ exhibitors and 200 speakers. Topics and industries the conference focuses on are Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive. That brings technology providers, OEMs, government officials and venture capitalists to one table to discuss opportunities. We will be there to give a talk and spread the news about SLAM. Join us and get in touch with us via [email protected] !

When & Where: October 20-21 in Santa Clara, US


iot tech expo


Stop 5: LBS 2016

For the time being, our final stop will be the 13th annual LBS Conference back home in Vienna. The event revolves around Location Based Services and provides the perfect framework for knowledge exchange between researchers, students and industry operators. Our research team will be on site and one last time charm the audience with their SLAM talk.

When & Where: November 14-16, Vienna, Austria

lbs 2016

Come and meet us on the road! Just drop by our booths or make an appointment beforehand via [email protected].