The SLAM (R)Evolution

Nick Stein, 


SLAM is a technology designed to facilitate and completely automate the process of implementing an Indoor Navigation and Positioning system in buildings in the long run. The image above shows the three stages and what kind of innovation each of them brings. Here is an overview of what has been accomplished so far and where we want to go in the near and further future.

Stage 1: SLAM Engine™

In early 2016 we launched our revolutionary SLAM Engine ™. It is the first of three stages of our so called SLAM (r)evolution. The Engine creates accurate radio maps nearly automatically, with a minimum of manual input required. It significantly reduces the time needed to create radio maps of buildings, thus also the cost associated with it as well as it improves usability. We recently showcased our SLAM Engine™ and put it to the test against some of our competitors at the GEO IoT testbed.

Examples of projects that have used our SLAM Engine™:

This was only ever planned to be the first step of the SLAM Revolution.
Now we are moving on to the SLAM Crowd Engine™.

Stage 2: SLAM Crowd Engine™

By using the power of the crowd, the SLAM Crowd Engine™ manages to keep the radio map up to date at any given time. What that means is that it leverages data from phones navigating inside the building.

Now let’s say another wall is added somewhere in the building. Of course the radio map we initially created with the SLAM Engine™ doesn’t show that wall yet. That’s where the SLAM Crowd Engine™ comes into play. By people starting to walk past the wall, the smart algorithms will take the wall into account and update the map accordingly. You don’t need to take dedicated measurements.

The result is better maps that improve over time and adapt to changes in the environment. This is beneficial to all industries but for large rollouts with a very limited time frame for setup, for retail and events, the SLAM Crowd Engine™ will be particularly useful. 

Imagine testing a quick new layout for the store with the knowledge that the new map will be automatically up to date for the customers to use. Or knowing that an event which is only fully laid out two hours before the opening, will have an accurate map. To achieve this, the people doing the set-up and the exhibitors can be used to help keep the map accurate by being part of the “Crowd”.

Those are just two quick examples of how the SLAM Crowd Engine™ will be a further step in the SLAM revolution.


SLAM Crowd recording1


Figure: From mobile recording to radio map update

The figure above shows an app user navigating along the black dotted path. His phone detects Beacons at certain points (orange squares). Along with the radio map (green points), these are used to guess the user’s location (dark blue ellipses). The sensor data is used to detect steps and headings, which are then fused to a location to get a trajectory (red line). SLAM then matches the data to improve  the trajectory (blue line). The estimated positions when seeing the radio data (blue triangles) are interpolated to update the map points.

An overview of SLAM Crowd Engine ™ 

Stage 3: SLAM Crowd Learning

Go global with your service over night! The final stage makes the impossible possible-a completely automated implementation of Indoor Navigation and Positioning services over night! If you want to provide your service in many different locations, even seen from a global perspective, this is the way to do it! You no longer have to be on site, as SLAM Crowd Learning™ does everything on its own.


What The Industry Is Saying and What We Are Saying’s SLAM technology is a key differentiation…and enables indoor location systems to be self-learning.” – Grizzly Analytics

Out of all evaluated solutions, clearly offers the most precise Indoor Positioning and Navigation based on iBeacon technology. By means of their latest technology accomplishment, SLAM, they manage a quantum leap in the quality of Indoor Navigation technology, allowing for an extraordinarily fast and efficient setup of the whole system. -Thomas Hinterleithner, Founder and Managing Director of LOC-Place

SLAM has allowed for AudiblEye to outfit a building with Indoor Navigation technology in much less time than before. It has made my job much easier! – Jerrod Witt, CEO & Founder of AudiblEye

Being able to incorporate indoor mapping into High Point Market’s app was integral to taking our user experience to the next level. We had a complex navigational challenge before us. Using Beacons and the technology was the ideal solution. The technology integrated smoothly into the app, providing our attendees with an efficient and effective method of navigating the Market’s largest property. – Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority.

We achieved what big multi-nationals were unable to achieve, we got SLAM Engine™ working and more. We have created a new technology for the Indoor Navigation & Positioning market, that will speed up the installation for the entire industry. SLAM Crowd Engine™ is just going to be phase two, we are dedicated to taking this to a fully automated level. – Rainer Wolfsberger, CEO

SLAM Roadshow – Find out more

We are going to be in the US in September. While we are there, we will be presenting our SLAM Crowd Engine™ to a number of different companies and partners. Get details on our SLAM Roadshow

If you would like to know more about this, please contact us via [email protected] and we will do our best to arrange a time to give you a personal walk through.