IPIN Conference 2016 – Where innovators meet

Silvia Pichler, 

More than just a conference

The IPIN Conference is an annual event, designed to bring together all experts of the Indoor Positioning and Navigation industry. This year is the seventh edition, held at the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. Assembling the crème de la crème of the industry’s researchers, developers and service providers from around the world, it makes for one of THE go-to events for everyone interested in the latest technology findings and innovations in this field.

Time for Research to shine!

Therefore, we are especially proud to announce that our Chief Research Officer, Thomas Burgess, was invited to be one of the conference’s keynote speakers. He will be talking about Crowd Learning for Indoor Positioning and the SLAM revolution it is part of.


“We’re really looking forward to being part of this year’s IPIN Conference and presenting our work in front of this special audience. It is the perfect framework for stimulating discussions and getting constructive feedback on your own findings ” – Thomas Burgess, CRO at indoo.rs.


Moreover, our Senior Researcher Boxian Dong will be presenting his findings on the Kalman Filter and its effect on Indoor Navigation systems. Get all the details and timetables on their presentations below.

Our presenters



Thomas Burgess, Keynote

When: Wednesday, October 5th as part of the opening ceremony

Presentation title: “Indoor Navigation: The Crowd is the Future ‐ Crowd Learning for Indoor Positioning”




Boxian Dong

When: Wednesday, October 5th

Presentation title: “Adaptive Kalman Filter for Indoor Navigation”

It is part of the programme item  P15/226. “Indoor Spatial Data Model & Indoor Mobile Mapping”



There you have it!  If these aren’t two very good reasons to attend the IPIN conference next week?


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