See you at the IoT Tech Expo NA!

Silvia Pichler, 

IoT Tech Expo: Connecting the World

As you know we’ve recently been at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco to promote our SLAM technology. The desk chair is barely warm and we are off to another amazing event, this time in Santa Clara, the IoT Tech Expo.

As one of the market leaders in Indoor Positioning and with our industry advancing SLAM technology, the IOT Tech Expo is a perfect fit. It has a lot to offer as it covers the whole IoT ecosystem and various industries it has made its way into. Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive, Technology providers, venture capitalists, OEMs, government officials and many others related to IoT will be there and discuss ideas and opportunities to bring intelligent technology solutions into our cities, homes and everyday lives.

Altogether, more than 200 speakers are invited to share their real life experiences on how these solutions can be used to create smart cities, connected living, connected industry and other use cases. Amongst them are big players such as Apple and Cisco, but also startup companies such as Lyft, who might be interested in our latest blog. and Smart Cities

Smart city is a term that describes cities which have successfully integrated information technologies to provide residents with services of all kinds. The goal is to foster economic growth and improve citizens’ everyday lives, for instance by providing visually impaired people with innovative tools to master navigational challenges.


iot-tech-expo-_-smart-cities-1                               Illustration of a smart city                                                                                   Image Credit: GradeUp

The need for smart cities has evolved due to an increasing population migration that comes with rural exodus. Projects that contribute to the creation of smart cities can come from various angles. For instance innovative transport possibilities (Lyft, Uber), renewable energies, effortless Indoor and Outdoor Navigation, smart retail solutions and many more.

Our CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger, will be at the event on Thursday, October 20th and available for meetings during that day. If you would like to talk to him personally, for organisational reasons, please do fix a meeting in advance.


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