Apache Big Data Europe: Crowd Learning with indoo.rs

Silvia Pichler, 

Presenting at Apache Big Data Europe

While the rest of our research team is holding the fort at LBS Vienna, our Head of Research, Thomas Burgess, is representing us at Apache Big Data Europe in Spain. He is going to give a talk that will take you on an exciting journey through the Indoor Navigation universe.

The event is designed to gather Big Data specialists and as a tribute to Apache open source projects like Kafka, Sparks, Hadoop etc., which form the base for most Big Data platforms. From finance to retail and manufactoring a.o.- all industries are tied to the Big Data ecosystem and the conference will address the technologies, techniques and best practises which are giving it shape.

Insights into Crowd Learning

Thomas Burgess, our Head of Research, will be there and on November 14th present the results of his profound research on Crowd Learning in the Indoor Positioning realm. This also includes our SLAM technology, which unites the stages of Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Learning and ultimately Crowd Knowledge.


apache big data slam engineapache big data slam crowd engine


Images: SLAM Crowd Engine (right) extends indoo.rs SLAM Engine (left) by leveraging the power of the crowd. This enables us to update radio maps without doing any on-site surveys.

The real-time Indoor Navigation fuses independent movement from custom 9D sensor fusion and position estimates obtained by comparing current signal readings to a reference map. This talk will discuss how we create and maintain these maps in our big data machine learning system which leverages crowd data through Kafka and Spark to run SLAM and context-aware algorithms to create high quality trajectories. In addition to use in reference maps, these trajectories provide an additional input for our interactive analytics.

apache big data thomas Thomas Burgess, CRO indoo.rs
“Geospatial track: Crowd learning for Indoor Navigation”

If you want to hear more from our CRO, come to Apache and watch the full presentation. Presentation schedule: 14.November

When: November 14-16
Where: Melia Sevilla, Seville, Spain