The SLAM Revolution

With SLAM, worldwide indoor navigation roll outs will be done with a level of ease you’ve never experienced before.. It’ll be as easy as using GPS outdoors.

The crowd will:

  • Create the map
  • Maintain the map
  • Make the map more accurate

And it will be done all without anyone spending extra man hours. is changing the game

After Outdoor Navigation systems using GPS signals have celebrated their triumphant run around the world, Indoor Positioning and Navigation are now set to follow. What has been holding back the worldwide uptake of this technology is the labor intensive installations and maintenance. This is exactly what is about to change for the benefit of the entire industry.

By the time SLAM Crowd Learning is released, it will be the biggest thing to happen to Indoor Navigation since Apple launched the iBeacon protocol

The SLAM Revolution is here

With the each stage of the the SLAM revolution, the previous barriers to installing or maintaining Indoor Navigation solutions are removed solves this problem with its innovative SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, which is already revolutionizing the Indoor Navigation industry. It is comprised of 3 tiers which interact to automate the whole mapping process of a building, make any manual input obsolete and thus significantly increasing your business efficiency.

The stages of SLAM

The three tiers are: SLAM 3 tiers


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